A pseudo public condition reveals an opportunity to increase the colonisation of bodies, extraction of information and manipulation of behaviours. The vagueness of its limits and restrictions allows for this occupation of control and surveillance. The current Covid-19 pandemic renders our society and spaces into this condition. The exploitation of the crisis stands as a guiding principle for forms of governance to emerge in the name of public health and at the cost of personal privacy.

Such notions can be seen through the current discourse on Contact Tracing (and the legislations rolling out in NSW > Australia > Globally). ‘Contact tracing’ is a mapping technique used by governments and, now, big tech-data corporations (Google and Apple). It tracks the location, movement and interactions of body/bodies through the piecing together of networks.

By tracing a constellation of governing and surveying technologies and techniques, we aim to investigate the ways in which objects, groups and entities align, (are currently aligning or have previously aligned) to each other. These alignments may begin to reveal the imaginary axis’- the lines and systems, in which our bodies rotate.